Aug. 9, 2010

Announcing Front Street Cafe's Kiteloop Pale Ale

In addition to the Ultimate Beach House contest that ended last week, another chance for our readers to win exciting prizes all throughout July was the Name Our Beer contest. The name of Seabrook's Front Street Cafe's new flagship beer was up for grabs and we decided to let you help us pick the perfect name for this delicious Pale Ale at the Cafe! Over 200 entries were submitted and my goodness did we get some creative name suggestions. We narrowed down the top 10 and had the whole Seabrook Team vote on their favorite one. In the end, we picked a unique and exciting beer name! Seabrook and Front Street Cafe are proud to announce the winner of the "Name Our Beer" contest - Matt Wardian of Normandy Park, WA and his idea for our beer name - "Kiteloop Pale Ale"! Kiteloop, a term heard in the arena of kiteboarders, is when a rider loops the kite while catching some serious air. Matt, a passionate kiteboarder who spends much of his time in the waves off Seabrook's beaches, defines kiteloop as: "A high flying, adrenaline filled, mega powered slingshot through space at the end of tightly spun kite lines. Easing back down to Earth (ocean) with a smooth satisfying splash only leaves you thirsting for more!"

Matt Wardian Kiteboarding Compilation

Matt Wardian submitted Kiteloop Pale Ale because it supports Seabrook's wish to attract kiteboarders to its hidden coast beaches practically made for the sport! Matt (aka Mamba), currently an Art Director at Boeing, can be described as a "boardhead" having grown up on a skateboard and graduating to a surfboard during his Latin American tour as a teen. He soon added a sail to become a windsurfer and learned to snowboard to ride out the winter. Finally he discovered big kites and decided to become a surf pilot after surviving a few "kitemares". At 54, he's going coastal and is ready for some local flavor. As a recent transplant to Pacific Beach, he discovered an inspirational local brew at Seabrook that is an Ale of a beer. Like a great Kiteloop, Matt thinks that this beer is best when inverted and as long as he lands on his feet, he's always ready for another! For his winning submission, Matt will be awarded a $50 Front Street Café gift card and a Kiteloop Pale Ale t-shirt which he has volunteered to design. A big thanks goes to everyone that submitted different ideas for our flagship Seabrook beer! We hope you like our name choice and that you will stop by the Cafe to try it soon. If you are a big kiteboarder yourself, don't hesitate to mention that at the Seabrook Cottage Rentals office when you check in - you may be surprised with the kind of welcome you get. :)


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