Dec. 29, 2016

2017 Seabrook Calendar

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The 2017 Seabrook Photo Challenge Calendar is available for purchase!

We received more than 300 entries this year for our 2017 Seabrook Calendar.

Our winners are as follows:
Cover : DJ Dorey of Malaga, WA
January : Rana Robb of Bellingham, WA
February : Renee Lamplit of Wakefield, NE
March : Laramie Leavitt of Kirkland, WA
April : Sarah Larsen, Blink & Co. Photography of Seabrook, WA
May : Conner Ferney of Ammon, WA
June: Michelle McDowell of Kent, WA
July : Karin M Phifer of Pacifc Beach, WA
August : Kent Bassett of Bellevue, WA
September : Edwin Paraguya of Seattle WA
October : Jia Ying Grygiel of Seattle, WA
November : Wendy Dau of Tumwater, WA
December : Sharon Gregory of Fox Island, WA

Thanks to everyone who entered never know, you may see them from time to time in different publications. 
We will be revising our Photo Challenge for 2017 so stay tuned. We will announce the details as soon as possible!
Thanks again and keep shooting! Winter provides the best light of the year.

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