Pre-approved Architects

At Seabrook, we pride ourselves on our home designs and options available to those interested in a beach house. However, we understand that you may want to build a home designed by your favorite architect to best match your idea of a home at the beach.

Some of Seabrook's neighborhoods offer just the right type of custom lots that allow for such homes. Here's a list of architects and studios that our Architectural Review Committee has already approved for potential homes at Seabrook. We are always looking to expand this list and welcome more creative minds into shaping the look and feel of our beach town.

FirmContactCity & StateTelephoneWeb Address
Alvin Holm Architects Holms, Alvin Philadelphia, PA 215-963-0747
Allison Ramsey Architects, Inc. Ramsey, Allison Beaufort, SC 843-986-0559
Andrews & Andrews Andrews, Jason Seattle, WA 425-444-2941
AOME Architects Anderson, Mark Seattle, WA 206-622-3304
Appleton & Associates Millais, DeAnne Santa Monica, CA 310-828-0430
Baylis Architects Frye, Tom Bellevue, WA 425-454-0566
BC & J Brachvogel, Peter/ John Geurts Bainbridge Island, WA 206-780-9113
Bergford & Associates, Inc. Bergford, Peter or Webster Olympia, WA 360-867-9777
Bjorn & Poulsen Residential Designer Peterson, Darrin Bainbridge Island, WA 206-605-2966
Bosworth Hoedemaker Hodemaker, Steve Seattle, WA 206-545-8434
Clinkston Brunner Architects, PLLC Clinkston, David, AIA Seattle, WA 206-284-8055
Coates Design Kathleen Scharrer Bainbridge Island, WA 206-669-3398
Conard Romano Architects Romano, Jim Seattle, WA 206-329-4227
Cooper Johnson Smith Architects Cooper, Donald Tampa, FL 813-273-0034
Cutler Anderson Architects Cutler, James / Anderson, Bruce Bainbridge Island, WA 206-842-4710
David Coleman Architecture Coleman, David Seattle, WA 206-443-5626
Dowd Architecture, Inc. Dowd, Mike Portland, OR 503-282-7704
Duncan McRoberts Associates McRoberts, Duncan Kirkland, WA 425-889-6440
Dungan Nequette Dunham, Jason Mountain Brook, AL 205-329-7015
El Baylis, Architect Baylis, El Friday Harbor, WA 360-378-8549
Erik Fagerland & Associates, Inc. Fagerland, Erik Long Beach, WA 360-642-2389
Finne Architects Finne, Nils Seattle, WA 206-467-2880
Florida Haus Nunn, Ty / Troxel, Cheryl Seaside, FL 850-231-3100
Gary William Justiss, Designer Justiss, Gary William Chelsea, AL 205-678-2887
Gelotte-HOMMAS Gelotte, Curtis / Hommas, Scott Kirkland, WA 425-828-3081
Geoffrey Mouen, Architect Mouen, Geoffrey Celebration, FL 321-939-0470
Goforth Gill Architects Gill, Eric Vashon Island, WA 206-463-5222
Graham Eberle Norman Graham, Rod Portland, OR 503-243-7183
Green Gables Design and Restoration, Inc. Morton, Lindley / Oishi, Corrine Portland, OR 503-223-5109
Hill Architects Hill, Lloyd Salem, OR 503-540-4800
Historical Concepts Clark, Kevin Atlanta, GA 678-325-6665
Jeffrey L. Miller, P.C. Miller, Jeffrey Portland, OR 503-222-2234
Joseph Greif Architects Greif, Joseph Seattle, WA 206-633-4293
Julia Starr Sanford Design Sanford, Julia Starr Amelia Island, FL 904-277-0850
Ken Tate Architect, P.A. Tate, Ken Madisonville, LA 985-845-8181
Krannitz Gehl Architects Krannitz, Bryan / Gehl, Barry Seattle, WA 206-547-8233
Laurence Qamar, Town Planner-Architect Qamar, Laurence Portland, OR 503-788-7632
Lew Oliver, Inc. / Whole Town Solutions Oliver, Lew / Oliver Anne Marie Roswell, GA 770-643-3938
Manning Architecture & Planning Manning, Peter C. Bainbridge Island, WA 206-842-9022
McWhorter Architects, PA McWhorter, Carey Seagrove Beach, FL 850-231-1750
Michael G. Imber, Architect Imber, Michael G., AIA San Antonio, TX 210-824-7703
Moser Design Group Moser, Eric Beaufort, SC 843-379-5630
Moule & Polyzoides Moule Elizabeth / Stefanos Polyzoides Pasedena, CA 626-844-2400
Nablo Troxel Troxel, Cheryl Seaside, FL 850-231-0265 n/a
Olson Kundig Architects Kundig, Tom Seattle, WA 206.624.5670
Paul Moon Design Moon, Paul Seattle, WA 206-985-9420
Patrick Scott Mulberry, Architect Mulberry, Patrick Scott Cornwall, CT 860-672-0392
Peter Stoner Architects Stoner, Peter & Linda Seattle, WA 206-284-2205
Pursley Veltman Architecture, Inc. Pursley, Ken / Veltman, Ruard Charlotte, NC 704-333-5222
Ratcliffe Gagliano Architecture / Olive Arc Gagliano, Jeanne Gig Harbor, WA 253-858-7760
Rob Harrison Architects, Incorporated Harrison, Rob, AIA Seattle, WA 206-956-0883
Robert Orr & Associates Orr, Robert New Haven, CT 203-777-3387
Ross Chapin Architects Chapin, Ross / Loudon, Debbie Langley, WA 360-221-2373
Scott Allen Architects Allen, Scott Bainbridge Island, WA 206-780-1122
Solomon Architecture and Urban Design Solomon, Dan San Francisco, CA 415-227-4081
Stuart Silk Architects Silk, Stuart Seattle, WA 206-728-9500
Tectics-Michael Mehaffy Mehaffy, Michael Lake Oswego, OR 503-756-1595
Tim Andersen, Architect Andersen, Tim Seattle, WA 206.524.8841
The Rommel Partnership, LLP Rommel, Gary Portland, OR 503-227-5844
Vallaster & Corl Architects Corl, Mike Portland, OR 503-228-0311